HUGG Volunteer Agreement Policy

  1. Who we serve:

Suicide bereaved adults throughout the 26 counties of Ireland who have experienced the loss of their loved one(s) to suicide.

  1. What we do:

HUGG offers several specific support services for bereaved adults and families through our:

  1. Peer Group Support Meetings
  1. Bereavement Information Evenings
  1. Signposting to other organisations
  1. Website resource
  1. Telephone Information Line
  1. Lending Library
  1. Remembrance Events 
  1. How we work:

HUGG is a Volunteer based organisation. Our services are carried out almost entirely by suicide bereaved individuals, and our organisation is run by people who operate on a voluntary basis. The success of what we do is due largely to the commitment and dedication of our Volunteers at all levels.

We endeavour to provide a high standard of service by adhering to a set of core values which govern everything we do:

HUGG recognises that volunteers bring energy, perspective, knowledge, and creativity. HUGG will ensure that volunteers are fully inducted and encouraged to contribute and develop their skills, knowledge, and experience. HUGG is a small organisation with a big mission.  

Volunteers will be assigned to a role without regard to gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race or membership of the traveller community, as defined under the Employment Equality Acts, 1998 to 2008.

All volunteers are interviewed, and reference checks conducted.

  1. Volunteer Agreement

Volunteers will be provided with a volunteer agreement, which will include the volunteer role, time commitment and obligations of the volunteer.

  1. Role Descriptions

HUGG will define the role and responsibilities for each volunteer prior to the volunteer commencing their position with the organisation. The role description will list the general tasks, duties, and responsibilities for the voluntary position. It will also include any skills, experience or attributes required for the role.

  1. Safeguarding

Depending on the specific volunteer role, a volunteer may be asked to disclose any criminal convictions. Any decision on a candidate's suitability will be based on the nature of the role in the organisation, the nature of the offence and when it was committed.

Volunteers are also required to disclose to HUGG if they receive any convictions during the period of volunteering. Volunteers may be asked to undergo Garda vetting.

  1. Training Support & Development

HUGG is committed to ensuring that volunteers receive appropriate induction. This will be coordinated by the Volunteer Group Director, Carol Milton.

HUGG is committed to providing support and development opportunities to volunteers. Carol Milton will be the main point of support.

Volunteers will receive regular clinical supervision, support and feedback. Clinical Supervision is designed to discuss concerns or feelings that might arise for the volunteer in carrying out their role. 

Volunteers will be given the opportunity to identify training and development opportunities during their placement with HUGG. Volunteers will be encouraged to attend conferences and meetings that are appropriate and relevant to the role.

  1. Time Commitment

Volunteers will be asked to commit to a specific period of time which will be agreed in advance. Volunteers are expected to perform volunteer's duties within this agreed time. Prior to commencing a volunteer role with HUGG, the details of the time commitment and the hours/days will be agreed with HUGG. 

  1. Confidentiality

During their role, volunteers may become aware of personal or sensitive matters that are confidential. These matters could relate to an individual or to an organisation. HUGG takes privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. Failure to respect confidentiality will result in the termination of the volunteer agreement

All documentation and communications in writing, including emails, remain the property of HUGG. Volunteers must comply with the organisation's data protection policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the volunteer agreement.

  1. Professional Boundaries

Volunteers with HUGG are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  1. Volunteer Allowance

There is no payment for volunteering with HUGG. However, HUGG will provide expenses to volunteers to meet the cost of travel related to the role and meals. Payment of expenses and dependent on the nature and duration of the volunteer role and must be receipted.

  1. Voluntary work and social welfare payments

If you are a recipient of a social welfare payment you may be allowed to volunteer and keep some or all your payment. Your local social welfare office will advise on this. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to advise social welfare before taking up a volunteering role.

  1. Health & Safety

HUGG is committed to providing safe working conditions and environment. The organisation will make every effort to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the safety, health and welfare of all employees and volunteers. Volunteers must ensure they work in accordance with HUGG's health and safety policy and procedures and comply with instruction of HUGG's designated health and safety officer.

  1. Complaints Procedure

HUGG believes that effective communication, openness, active listening, and cooperation lead to the efficient and effective resolution of grievances. HUGG's Complaints Policy is the mechanism used to ensure grievances are resolved in a fair and timely manner. A grievance by a volunteer will be taken seriously and will be resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Internet and telephone usage

HUGG volunteers must comply with the organisation's Data Protection Policy. This policy includes guidelines on acceptable usage of internet and telephone and the use of social media.

  1. Exit Interviews

Volunteers may be invited to participate in an exit interview at the end of their placement. Participation in exit interviews is voluntary.

  1. Volunteer Agreement

 HUGG agrees to:

  • provide adequate information and training so you may meet the expectations as described in your volunteer role description.
  • explain what is required of you and to support and provide encouragement to help you achieve the desired results.
  • assign you with a supervisor who will provide you with regular support and supervision meetings and act as a ‘go to’ person.
  • Always treat you with respect and courtesy.
  • be receptive to any comments and feedback from you; and
  • value and recognise your role as a volunteer.

The Volunteer agrees to:

  • fulfil his/her/their role as outlined in the volunteer role description.
  • perform his/her/their role to the best of his/her/their ability.
  • comply with HUGG's organisational policies and procedures.
  • meet time and task commitments and to provide sufficient notice when not available; and
  • act in a manner that is in keeping the principles of HUGG.

Volunteers will be asked to sign this agreement as part of their induction.

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